“In every industry, there are silos of information that block the flow of ideas and stunt innovative growth. Officehours.io unlocks the gates holding back a free transfer of ideas, advice based on experience and a sense of community amongst forward-thinking humans; it provides access and acts as an equalizer of status. It is the future cohort of ingenious minds.”

Elias Jones, Designer

“I'm a learner and an advisor on Officehours.io Since its inception, I’ve seen this site grow and flourish with each new member. What I love best about this site is the format which allows you to connect with ‘mentors’ for ten minutes. Over this last year I’ve been honored to meet people from whom I’ve been offered complimentary courses in their own facilities as well as ‘heroes’ in the field of art and entertainment willing to talk about their journeys. I’ve met role models who have kept me on track as well as mentored people with whom I’ve shared the gift of passion and creativity. I recommend officehours.io to my students and make mention of this site when the opportunity arises.”

Juliana Loh, Instructor at the Visual College of Art and Design

“Officehours has been an amazing networking tool for me. I joined as a student when I was looking to find mentors, and ended up becoming a mentor myself. It is truly a “pay-it-forward” concept that encourages people to delve into the communities around them.”

Katie Alcock, Alcock Productions

“Officehours is a platform that enables anyone to get access to collective human knowledge around the world. I met some great people on the platform, got advice as well as gave advice on many interesting topics.”

Karthik Naralasetty, Founder at Socialblood, Inc.

“Officehours is an awesome tool because of the connections I’ve made from having sessions with people from all over the world. I’ve learned a lot from my sessions on Officehours and hopefully I’ve taught someone a thing or two as well.”

Tyler Thompson, Digital Media Director at Baker Street Digital