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What is a team?

A team is a shared presence on Officehours, for a group. Every team has its own unique subdomain, brand treatments, and administration tools.

Why do people use Teams?

Our Teams program allows organizations to present a unified front to their audience. We think this is most useful for schools, as students can find all of their instructors in one place. That said, we believe it also affords utility to startup incubators, venture capital firms, and tourism organizations. (Essentially, any group that needs to support an audience, and wants to do so efficiently.)

Here’s the spiel:

How much does a team cost?

Teams subscriptions are offered in tiers, including:

  • Basic 5 (up to 5 advisors): $25/mo.
  • Basic 10 (up to 10 advisors): $50/mo.
  • Basic 25 (up to 25 advisors): $125/mo.
  • Basic 50 (up to 50 advisors): $250/mo.
  • Advanced 100 (up to 100 advisors): $500/mo.
  • Advanced 250 (up to 250 advisors): $1,250/mo.

These are our working prices. However, as we’re adding features to Teams, our cost structure changes. As such, these prices will likely be revised as we get a better sense for our costs.

What does my team membership include?

  • Unique subdomain
  • Custom branding
  • Admin tools
  • …and more in the works

How do I register a team?

Visit the Teams page scroll to the bottom, and hit Register Team. This will take you through a step-by-step process, during which you’ll pick your team name and URL, create your team’s page, choose a plan, and add advisors as members.

How do I administer my team?

Once you’ve created your team, go to your team’s page. You can access it from the Teams Index under My Teams. Click on your team. Once you have, the system will display your team’s page. Find your team’s name, and click the Team admin text beneath it. This will lead you to a control panel showing your available options.

Alternately, you can click on the 3 dots at the top right of your screen. This will open a navigation menu. Look for the Teams heading and then select your team.

How do I invite advisors to join a team?

You can do this when you first create a team, during the Teams onboarding process. Alternately, you can go to your Team admin section and click Manage team members. At the bottom of your screen you’ll find a field labeled “Type a name or email to add a member”. This allows you to add new team members in two ways: 1) Using the individual’s name if he/she is already an Officehours member. 2) By entering the individual’s email address.

Why aren’t my team members listed?

Team members must complete their profiles and offer sessions in order to be listed as advisors in your team’s index.

How do I manage team members?

Go to your Team admin section, and select Manage team members. Doing so will show you a list of everyone you’ve invited to your team. This area allows you to resend invitations (by clicking the mail icon next to the Role column), give users Admin privileges, suspend approval, and delete members from your team. You can also add new members using the Invite area at the bottom of the screen.

How do I edit my team page?

Go to your Team admin section, and select Edit your team page. This will allow you to change how your organization/group name displays, edit your description, change your logo, or set a new background color.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Go to your Team admin section, and select Change payment options. Once there, use the dropdown menu under Change plan to select the plan you want. Please note that if you are downgrading, you might need to remove some advisors from your team to be eligible for a lighter plan.

How do I change payment options?

Go to your Team admin section, and select Change payment options. From here you can change your plan, update your credit card information, and delete your team.