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Forgot password

No problem; this happens. Just go to the Sign in page and click Forgot Password, to get a reminder.

Account suspended

Odds are that you violated the Rules in some way, and were removed from the Officehours community. If you think we removed you by mistake, email us and we can look into what happened.

Not receiving notifications

You probably mistyped your email address, here. Check it there first and update it, if this is the case. If not, email us and we’ll sort out what’s happening.

Can’t hear the other person

There are a few common problems that prevent folks from connecting through Officehours. These include:

Using Safari, or a mobile device

Apple doesn’t support WebRTC (which we use to deliver calls). As such, Officehours typically doesn’t work on Safari. Just switch to Firefox or Chrome and you’ll be fine.

Additionally, our mobile products aren’t ready, yet. So, even though you can technically connect with Android smartphones (using the web browser), these connections are sketchy. Once our mobile apps are ready, this’ll no longer be an issue. For now, though, please use Officehours on your computer.

Bad audio set-up

Local sound preferences are often to blame for call problems. For example, your computer might be pointing to the wrong input/output device. This is hard for us to isolate, as we’re not in your space to check your setup. That said, you can start by running an Audio test. If that’s not working, you might want to take a look at your sound settings (in your computer’s System Preferences or Control Panel)—and see if something needs to be changed there. Quick tip: Sometimes a reboot of your computer fixes audio problems.

Network issues

Connecting calls in the way we do is a somewhat tricky business. Most times it works just fine, but we’ve run into some weird issues from users on a few university/college campuses. In these places, IT departments often limit certain types of internet traffic—for security purposes. Doing so can get in the way of Officehours sessions.

If you think this might be the case, simply try to connect from an alternate location (home, coffee shop, or some other place). If you’re able to connect there, odds are your primary location is causing the network issue. In this case, perhaps talk to your IT people and ask if they can open their network up to Officehours traffic. Learn more about how you can do this, in the Network settings help area.

Can’t transfer session to phone

There are two likely culprits. The first is that you didn’t add your phone number to your profile (don’t worry, it’s not visible to the public). If we don’t have this number, we can’t transfer your call to it.

The second is that you’re in a region that’s expensive for us to call to. We cover the cost of calls to mobile/land-lines, for Officehours sessions. However, we’re self-funded, and some areas are costly to reach (e.g. some cost us over a dollar a minute). So, it’s impractical for us to cover these costs.

If neither of these is the case, you can reach us on Chapp or email me personally.