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No dark patterns

A dark pattern is a user interface made to trick users into doing things. Bad examples of dark patterns are easily found on one professional social network. For example, when you give it access to your contacts, it effectively spams your friends on your behalf. We deplore such tactics, and you’ll never find them on Officehours. Instead, we work hard to make your options as clear as possible.


Advertising on websites tends to result in a crummy user experience, as advertiser needs tend to conflict with user needs. So, there’s no digital display advertising on Officehours, whatsoever. At some point, in the future, we’ll look at some unobtrusive sponsorships. Additionally, we’re working to allow job postings on Officehours. We feel these are suitable approaches to keep Officehours free for users, and offer new opportunities for our members (i.e. we figure job listings are helpful to some).

Your data is yours

We don’t sell your data and we don’t record your calls (aside from during the sound check, but we only play that sample back to you). What you do here is your business. Sound fair?

More control

Wherever possible, we want to afford you choices about parts of Officehours that impact you. Of course, there’s a whole community to think about, so we make decisions with all members in mind. That said, you’ll increasingly see that we build features to serve you—not the other way around.

No barriers

Officehours is a social exercise first, and a business second. Put another way, we prioritize this community over profit. This means we don’t put up barriers that force you to pay, to connect with those you know. We are not gatekeepers intent on profiting by limiting/granting access to other members of this community.

If you feel we’ve missed something here, or that we should reconsider how we operate as a community, please email us let us know.